Enugu: Ohanaeze condemns attack on LP meeting, warn those behind its to desist | NN NEWS

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has condemned a recent disruption of a Labour Party meeting on Sunday in Nomeh, Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The Nome attack is the most recent in a series of attacks on LP gatherings in the state after previous disruptions of the party’s meetings in Aninri and Awgu Local Government Areas respectively.

Reacting to the “unprovoked attack and disruption” by its Publicity Secretary, Dr Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia, in a statement, Ohanaeze said, “It is inconceivable that at a time eminent persons and groups from all over the world are embracing the Labour Party as the quintessence of equity, justice, hope, economic emancipation, social Risorgimento and inter-ethnic unity in Nigeria, some disgruntled scoundrels are busy disrupting their meetings at the grassroots in the South East.”

According to the apex Igbo group,  the attack ‘sends a very wrong signal about the very core essence for which the Igbo are known,” warning that “this should be the last time such incidents will be recorded in any part of Igbo land.”

Ohanaeze noted that the character of social structure in Igbo land imposed huge responsibilities on the traditional rulers, presidents-general of town unions, the community vigilantes and ultimately the chairmen of the local governments as the chief security officers and called on “all the security officers at each unit of Igbo administration to ensure that there will never be a repeat of such irresponsible unwarranted and shameful embarrassment to the Igbo.”

Adding that political parties of all persuasions are free to market their manifestoes and canvass for votes in all parts of the country, Ohanaeze cautioned that “nothing in the wildest imagination should compel the so-called unknown gun men or the vile partisans masquerading as political leaders to employ the use of thugs to disrupt or attack political meetings in Igbo land.”

It further cautioned, “The uninitiated may not realize the consequences that await the renegades that have made themselves the willing tools to antagonize the Igbo spirit. On the other hand, if one must work for his party or a candidate of his choice, such narrow interests must never go the extra mile to jeopardize the general Igbo interest.

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