Eze Ndigbo Guinea to FG: Act now before Nigerians wiped out in Burkina Faso | NN NEWS

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The Eze Ndigbo in Guinea Conakry, Dr Kalu Tasie, has condemned the killings and harassment of Nigerians in Burkina Faso. 

In a video that has gone viral on social media, an innocent Nigerian lady was seen half naked and being pelted with stones. It was gathered that the woman, a victim of Burkinabe xenophobic mob action later died of injury sustained from the attack. 

In a statement, Eze Tasie described the situation as barbaric. 

“My brother, I’m shocked that in the 21st century, such a horrible thing is happening. A human being killed on the street like an animal, while people, including law enforcement agents, stood aloof watching the ugly incident. 

I, hereby, call on the Federal Government and our embassy in Burkina Faso to act fast before Nigerians in that country are wiped out.” 

On how the crisis began, a voice and video made available to the media stated that a Nigerian woman allegedly married to a gendarme, in Burkina Faso, allegedly killed her husband, and ran away. In a separate video, the woman was seen, pleading her innocence. She claimed that after a series of abuse, she decided to leave home. She said she was shocked to discover the next day that her husband was dead. 

The royal father called on the federal government, through the Nigerian Embassy in Burkina Faso, to act fast and stop the killings before things get out of hand.

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