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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Mixed reactions have continued to trail the earlier report of Elombahnews which revealed how the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu appointed his wife as a director in IPOB after doing another round of registration for the organization in the United Kingdom.

Though, some people hurriedly described the report as fake and doctored, while others said it was designed to discredit the credibility of the movement and it’s leader.

Elombahnews had reported that IPOB in the document was registered as a Private Limited Company with the following registration number 13127887, while full incorporation was done on the 12 of January 2021.

Meanwhile, to dispel the rumor of the report being fake and doctored, Elombahnews however, embarked on a fact finding mission in other to ascertain if some of the information provided in the document is registered with Companies House in UK

Companies House is a government section within the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation. It deals with the regulation and incorporation of limited liability partnerships and limited companies in the UK.

It stands as the official registrar of companies in the UK. The major duties of Companies House include inspecting and maintaining all information on LLPs and limited companies.

The information displayed on the register of companies House can be accessed online by the general public as well as all businesses.

All electronic data is available for free, which makes it simple for the general public to monitor and inspect the ownership, actions and reliability of every company transacting business in the UK.

When Elombahnews visited the official Website of Companies House and typed in the registration number of ‘IPOB WORLDWIDE LIMITED’ sighted in the document, automatically, it reproduced the exact information.

IPOB WORLDWIDE LIMITED appeared as the name of company, with the same address and 12 of January 2021 as the day it was incorporated.

VERDICT: With the piece of information obtained from the official Website of Companies House by Elombahnews, it can be said that indeed the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra registered IPOB WORLDWIDE LIMITED as Private LIMITED COMPANY on the 12 of January 2021.

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