FG thugs attacks, burn vehicles belonging to #EndSARS protesters in Abuja

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Pro government thugs have allegedly attacked and burnt cars of peaceful #ENDSARS protesters at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Nigerian president had banned protests in the FCT, following massive protests by Nigerian youth, who are demanding the end of SARS, police brutality and bad governance.

However, the pro-government thugs have on multiple occasions attacked the protesters with the police feigning ignorant of the mayhem.

#Endsars protesters today were also attacked by the police with live bullets and tear gas. A female protester holding a Nigerian flag was equally brutalized by the police.

Several attempts made by pro-government thugs to disrupt the peaceful protest in Abuja which however resulted to burning of cars and causing harm to #Endsars protesters.

However, despite the attempts by the government to disorganize the peaceful protest, thousands of Nigerian youths have vowed not to back down until their demands are met.

Though the Nigerian military high command had previously announced that it will begin another round of Operation Crocodile Smile on the 20th of October, but the protesters seems unperturbed with the announcement.

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