#FuelPriceHike: Nigerian government policies believe in suffering the masses – Ben Bruce | NN NEWS

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Ben Murray-Bruce, a former Bayelsa lawmaker has condemned the increase in pump price of fuel to N212 per litre. 

Bruce on Friday wondered why the Nigerian system develops government policies which believes in suffering the masses. 

He stressed that now is not the time for Nigerians to be spending more on fuel amid oppressive economic factors. 

His tweet read: “I still will not understand a system that believes in suffering for the masses as a government policy. 

“Someone, please educate me. Nigerians shouldn’t be paying more for fuel at this time, amid low minimum wages and other oppressive economic factors.” 

His reaction is coming hours after the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) announced the new increment on its website, stating that it was due to the market determinants and importation costs. 

PPPRA fixed the lower band of the new fuel price at N209.61 per litre and upper band at N212.61 per litre. 

But the NNPC countered the announcement, insisting that there is no increase in fuel price in March.

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