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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Suspected Fulani terrorists operating under the cover of terror bandits have attacked Abuja-Kaduna train, forcing the train to stop midway. 

Sources said the terror group first attacked the train on Wednesday night and successfully immobilized it after struggling to move for 7km after the attack. 

The bandits, according to sources, return again on Thursday morning, and planted explosive device on the rail track. 

Meanwhile, a former lawmaker, representing Kaduna Central, Senator Shehu Sani, has called for the immediate suspension of Kaduna-Abuja train transport after he survived an explosive planted by terror bandits who launched the deadly attack yesterday night that damaged the rail track along Dutse and Rijana station 

Sani through his official Facebook page said the rampaging terrorists planted an explosive that shattered the windshield of the train engine. 

He also said the gunmen in a bid to stop the train opened heavy gunfire, targeting the driver and the tank 

But however, he said the driver maneuvered the attack and struggled to move towards Kaduna Rigasa station for safety. 

He said, “Yesternight, Bandits attacked the Kaduna-Abuja train. They planted an explosive that damaged the rail track and shattered the windshield of the train engine. 

“They also opened fire, targeting the Driver and the Tank. It happened between Dutse and Rijana stations. 

“The Driver struggled to move towards Kaduna Rigasa station. 

“This early morning, I was on board when our train ran over another explosive damaged railings. The train nearly skid off its path then we miraculously escaped. 

“All Kaduna Abuja train operations need to be suspended for today until this issue is addressed.

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