Fulani Herdsmen told to leave Igboland with immediate effect

The Indigenous Igbo Youths has sent stern warning to Fulan herdsmen to leave Igbo land with immediate effect.

The President of the group, Chief Mayor Echefu who gave the warning said that the warning became necessary following alleged incessant killings of the people and the destruction of their farmlands by the herdsmen who also rape their women.

According to Echefu, “what happened at a community in Nkwere, Imo State was a grave injustice. A young man, Uzoma, who had just taken to commercial farming had his investments destroyed by herdsmen.

“When he succeeded in driving away the first set, they regrouped and came back more ferociously, and after a scuffle, one of their cows was said to have been killed. The herdsmen threatened  to attack the community if he didn’t pay them N200, 000 for the cow.”

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