Gowon letter to Wilson begged to tame BBC, others from reporting true situation in Biafra in exchange for oil | NN NEWS

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History has continued to be kind to the humanity, exposing Nigeria war against Biafra in 1967-1970 that ended with “No Victor and No Vanquished”, as Nigerians reacted. 

The latest exposed is how Major general Yakubu Gowon begged former British Prime Ministers, Harold Wilson in a letter to tame BBC, Financial Times and the Economist from reporting the true situation in Biafra in exchange for oil supplies as they gave him arms. 

According to Maazi Ogbonnaya who shared this on his twitter handle, that has sparked outraged on social media wrote;  

So Gowon wrote this letter on 29th July, 1967 to the then British Prime Ministers, Harold Wilson, begging him to tame BBC, Financial Times and the Economist from reporting the true situation in Biafra in exchange for oil supplies as they gave him arms. History can’t be buried! 

After everything Gowon did, his village has been dealt with by the same people he fought for. I shake my head when this puppet parades himself as an evangelist, praying for the progress of an entity he destroyed. There was nothing civil about that war. Pure genocide! 

However, the late peoples general Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu had declared the Republic of Biafra, when he saw how Igbos are been massacred in the northern Nigeria.   

A war that killed by starvation that 3.5 million Biafrans, especially children, when Nigeria and its foreign allies (Britain) have imposed food blockage into Biafra territory.

Below are Nigerians reactions, described British atrocities against Biafra as “Britain shameful role during Nigeria’s Biafra war”, according to Federick Forsyth a British journalist who covered the war.

Ezugo @Arthur_Zzz wrote;  

Now he is parading himself around “Praying for Nigeria”..evil truly prevails  

MrWhat_If @MrWhat_If wrote; 

He is the biggest hypocrite. He created the greatest disaster for Nigeria which the country is still unable to recover from. He was the one that also proclaimed Nigeria had more money than required and so began corruption by politicians and the elite. 

Amazing @ByhIMILive wrote;  

Gowon is not a good man 

Luc Undie @LuciUndie wrote ;  

He is satanist and a very wicked man . Hell is waiting for him very soon as he gets closer to his grave 

Nwabuezihe Aruguzo @aruguzo wrote;  

This is the reason BBC Africa on there TV brocasted some days ago said that lost of live’s in the Biafran civil war is one million people, where as the world knows that over three millions Biafrans lost there live’s during Biafran civil war. 

A1 @ThatA1Guyyy wrote;

When will Yakubu Gown be tried both in Nigeria and ICC for his war crimes?!?! 

Ken ILOKA @ken_ilpka wrote;

The only restitution left for retired General Gowon at this point is to come out and tell the world the truth of what really happened and his role in the Biafan genocide so that an honest conversation can be had to help Nigeria and Igbos to attempt to heal from the atrocities.

#EndSars @NnamdiSebastia wrote;  

You think he would? I sincerely doubt he would. He would rather die than do so. Gradually though his role keeps been exposed. And now his people are been targeted the same way he did during the genocide (war). 

Luc Undie @ LuciUndie wrote;

Biafra will never forgive british govt and her queen for committing this wicked acts of genocide and it must pay dearly for it.. 

Officialmiraclejoe @Officialmiracl7 

There’s nothing indicating Biafra in all have read. Pls how has this letter affected Biafra We should think nd also come to d drawing board on hw 2 transform Nigeria nd not 2 destabilize nd canstrate the good ahead of Nigeria nd Nigerians. Good things comes in disguise. Copy dat

Lawrence Ehilegbu@lawehilegbu

·Well, yadiwa! There’s a word called “inference”; Looking at when this letter was dated; the same time a major ethnic group was been carelessly and dastardly murdered, killed, bombed and attacked by the Gowon federal government. Which other region was in war with Nigeria?

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