Gumi: I’m ready to travel Bayelsa, apologize to Jonathan; I thought his terrible until Buhari takeover power

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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, expressed concern over the escalating security situation in the North as Boko Haram continue to kill freely while the Buhari administration continues to free so called repentant terrorists captured by soldiers who have for years, been putting their lives on the line.

He said the bloodshed under Buhari is more than doubled that of Jonathan and thus, see no reason why Buhari should continue to rule the country. He therefore advised the president to resign from his position.

He said, “I blamed Jonathan with blood in his hand because Boko Haram were putting bombs everywhere and government was not doing enough.”

“Anybody killed under your regime, you are responsible for that blood. If you have done your best, I can say yes, Allah can forgive you. But if you are relaxed, no; Allah will not forgive you. So, it is the same thing now.

“The bloodshed now is more than, combined together, the bloodshed during Jonathan’s regime. So now you judge yourselves to be fair. Our religion is a religion of fairness.

“During Jonathan’s time when the blood was flowing too much — mosques and churches and streets, I said let him resign because I could see he could not handle the blood flow.

“He could not handle it. I said please resign with immediate effect because you cannot handle the killing of innocent people.

“That is why I called for his resignation and government newspaper and others published it. Is that possible today?

“Now more blood is shed from negligence, from sleeping, from laziness, from I-don’t-care.

“If I am true to myself, as I called for the resignation of Jonathan, I should call for the resignation of President Buhari, and with immediate effect! And government paper should carried it also, if there is truth.

Gumi who has been critical of both Buhari and his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, said he had thought former president Jonathan was Incompetent and unable to end Nigeria’s security woes during his administration, but now he is convinced that President Muhammadu is much worse.

“As bad as Jonathan was, he was more democratic and had given people freedom to speak — even against him. You could see when he saw there was problem, he relinquished power, saying ‘I don’t want bIood to be shed.

“This man (Jonathan) build for us nine universities in the North, more than 150 Almajiri schools. Even this railway from Abuja to Kaduna. He has done a lot of things. But I was charging him because bIood; bIood is the most expensive thing in life.

“There was nothing I have not said (against Jonathan). He should be impeached, he should resign, he was divisive.

“So now I have one of two options. If I can not tell my own brother what I have told this man, then I should take an aeroplane from Abuja to Jonathan and say please forgive me for castigating you in public.

“I rather seek his apology or castigate the president too. One of the two, there is no three. We have been patient with this government. If it is another, wallahi it would have been more than this.

“People are dying, everyday. Yesterday somebody was kidnapped. People are suffering, and nobody can say it because they have taken over out throats because they don’t want to hear something bad against the man.

“Buhari is full of mistakes. Full of mistakes! He is human being like anybody. And I swear to God that there are many people here in the North that can perform better than him. Better!”

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