Hate speech bill: Nigerians blasts Buhari’s Wife, says China also hangs corrupt politicians; also, Buhari’s daughter backs bill to hang Nigerians

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First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has come under intense criticism on social media for voicing her support for the social media bill which seeks to arrest and fine Nigerians who make annoying comments on social media.

Aisha had at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs General Assembly and National Executive Council in Abuja said China regulated the social media of its over one billion citizens and Nigeria should be able to control its own population which is about 200 million.

She said, “On this issue of social media, you cannot just sit in the comfort of your house and tweet that the Vice President has resigned. It is a serious issue. If China can control over 1.3 billion people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling only 180 million people.”

However, Mrs. Buhari, who had in the past been commended by a large section of Nigerians for standing on the side of the people, came under criticism for her view.

On Saturday morning, the President’s wife was trending at number one on Twitter.

Some Nigerians recalled how they defended Aisha on social media when the President relegated her and said she belonged to the kitchen and the other room.

They recalled how they defended her when Mamman Daura’s family were giving her a hard time at the Presidential Villa.

They argued that since China had become the democratic model for Nigeria, then Nigeria must also adopt China’s method of fighting corruption which involves sentencing corrupt public office holders to death.

@Zaddy_nomso tweeted, “Dear Aisha Buhari China also kills their corrupt politicians; we would love Nigeria to start practising that first.”

@DeLordEmperor wrote, “I agree with Aisha Buhari that China regulates TV. Aisha should also agree with China on the policy of hanging corrupt politicians. She should also agree with China on limiting the family members of their politicians from studying and living abroad.”

“China also executes corrupt politicians, Dear Aisha Buhari. If you want to control social media because China does, then you should want that too,” @BillAchusim tweeted.

@viva_mazcot tweeted, “Maybe Aisha Buhari is not aware China is practising communism. I was wrong to assume she’s educated enough to understand how democracy works. Her recent call for regulation of social media reveals her concealed love for tyranny. Can’t she propose death penalty for corrupt politicians?”

Meanwhile: Zahra Indimi, daughter to President Muhamadu Buhari, has given her support for the controversial social media bill — as long as it is carried out in a “fair” manner.

Zahra spoke at the first edition of ‘An Afternoon with Zahra’, an event recently organized in Abuja by the ZMB Homes, her foundation, tagged #ConversationWithZahra.

According to The Interview, she also called on the youth to wait and understand the content of the bill before making “silly” comments and heaping blames.

“We have to see and understand the content of the present social media regulation bill. Whatever it is, you need to understand and know the implication of the bill. That’s what we need to do as young people,” she said.

“We need to research more, understand what is going on instead of just making silly comments every now and then and blaming people for no reason. So I am in support of regulations, but fair regulations.”

Zahra also spoke about her experience with cyber-bullies, questioning why many Nigerians bother her with issues pertaining to governance when she holds no office alongside her father.

“2015 was when I knew what bullying was. It started with my photos going viral. I was having a yoga class, sweating. But people were busy sending my pictures up and down,” she said.

“People used it for their gain during campaign. The 2015 elections went well. But, after 100 days, the blow started coming. ‘Zahra, your father did this. Zahra, your father did that.’ Am I in office with him? Do I take any vital decision?

“I kept wondering why people do this to me constantly. I said to myself, ‘Zahra you are a woman. Zahra, you are educated. Zahra, you have a son and a family that loves you.’

“Those bullies do not have families. They are just floating. When they insult you, just let them be. They are trying to cover up some things they are feeling within.”

The social media regulation bill, entitled ‘Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation 2019’, recently passed second reading at the senate.

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