How can various Ethnics survive gunpoint in Nigeria? By Ms. Nistoran

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The developing situation in Nigeria should not come to anybody as a surprise, or gift, because the masses have had enough violations with unfairness. Not because of guilt but because of origin. Few will enjoy being rootless and rioting everybody’s soul. And put the gun in the face of anybody no matter of origin, faith, age and location.

Nigeria is a forced union, sustained by the blood of the indigenous population; the “End SARS” protests is a tip of what is about to hit the country before 2023, if people’s agitators are ignored.

The Nigerian youth are currently protesting across the country, demanding end of police brutality and the extra judicial killings, harassment and intimidation by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS]. The protesters were killed. Although, the IGP had replaced “SARS with SWAT” but the Nigerian youth rejected SWAT and demand reform of police. The Nigerian Army have also said, its loyalty belongs to Buhari and threatened to deal with the “END SARS” peaceful protesters. so, how can various Ethnics survive gunpoint in Nigeria?

There is no different SARS and SWAT, and should be describes as;


W- With

A-Another armed

T-Trigger tactics

But before Nigeria explode, the government must quickly address the agitators of Referendum, Restructuring/ True Federalism, Igbo/South East presidency, Insecurity/Sacking of service chiefs or watch Nigeria burn. Some of these agitators have been ongoing for years, but the Nigerian government kept deaf ear.

The Biafra separatists have been protesting peacefully demanding Referendum, many of them have been killed, arrested and detained unlawful even secretly abducted, poured acids and buried in a secretly grave. But still they are marching forward insists on Referendum to decides, saying not even death will stop them from actualizing Biafra independence.

The Oduduwa Republic has also risen demanding Referendum to leave Nigeria. Even the Arewa have called for Referendum to know whether Nigerians still what to stay together. So, why are the Nigerian government and its military threatening to deal with anyone who wants to cause disunity. Where there any unity in the first place?

The leaders of thoughts across the country and some Church general overseer have been calling for Restructuring/ True Federalism, or Nigeria will risk break up, but Buhari’s administration have ignored them.

The agitation for Igbo presidency is growing higher, which many prominent Nigerians has drawn their support saying for equality, fairness and justice, it is the turn of south east to produce the next president of Nigeria. There is a rumor that the northern power mongers want to keep presidency after Buhari’s tenure. But I don’t want to speak much on this, until 2023.

There are growing agitators by Nigerians demanding the sack of service chiefs over insecurity in the country, there are also protests against Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, ISWAP and bandit’s terrorizing the whole country, most especially in the north, Buhari refused to sack the service chiefs.

Without addressing all the issues, Nigeria is a time bomb waiting to explode.

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