How FG, El-Rufai govt is aiding,abating Fulani killings on Southern Kaduna christian

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A comprehensive report released by Centre for Inclusive Governance and National Development on the role of Federal and Kaduna State Government in promoting Fulani killings in Southern Kaduna, July 2020

Kaduna State and Federal governments provided an enabling terrain for Fulani to eventually take over Southern Kaduna and other part of northern Christian communities through deployment of heads of security agents who are purely Fulani Muslims.

The approval and granting of a biased, brazen and sudden request from governor El-Rufai that “all policemen of southern Kaduna extraction should be transferred out of Kaduna state” including the ADC of his former deputy, was arrogantly done with impunity.

This was granted since 2017 by former inspector general of police, Idris Mohammed. Since the creation of Kaduna state, that a combination of all the heads of security agencies are deployed to serve the skewed interest of a group of people.

Below is the current structure of security layout in Kaduna that is aiding and abating Islamic terrorism on southern Kaduna:


1. Governor (Chief Security Officer): Ahmed El-Rufai, Muslim

2. Deputy Governor: Hadiza Balarebe, Muslim

3. Speaker: Yusuf Zailani, Muslim

4. Chief Judge: Mohamed Lawal Bello, Muslim

5. Attorney General: Aisha Dikko, Muslim

6. Army GOC of Kaduna: Maj Gen. Mohamed Usman, Muslim

7. Commanding Officer 313 Artillery Regiment of Kaduna: Lt. Col. A.K Muhammad, Muslim

8. Air force Air officer command Kaduna: Air Vice Marshal Musa Muktar, Muslim

9. Commander BSG NAF Base Kaduna:Group Captain Hadi Ahmed, Muslim

10. Kaduna Naval Command: Rear Admiral Tanko Pani, Muslim

11. Commissioner of Police: Umar Muri, Muslim

12. Director DSS Kaduna: Idris Ahmed Koya, Muslim

13: Commandant civil defence corps Kaduna: Babangida Dutsenma, Muslim

14 Controller correctional service Kaduna: Sanusi Danmusa, Muslim

15 Immigration Command: A.A.  Bauchi, Muslim

16. Corps Marshall / CEO KASTELEA: Garba Rimi, Muslim

Kaduna state is known to have large population of Christians who are dominant in at least ten local governments out of the twenty-three local governments.

But a state which has eight heads of security offices saddled with the responsibility of securing lives and properties, however, deliberately selected to be Muslims with no Christian. It is shown on the table above.

The selected army and other security agencies are being used to constantly search the houses of natives confiscating as low as kitchen knives.

These exercises are being carried out few weeks or months before attacks. i.e. on the 24th April 2017 the Nigerian Army embarks on cordon-and-search of Gwaska, Bakin Kogi and Ungwan.

Far prior to the attackers that claimed the lives and properties of the communities. It also appears that there are some security personnel on ground who serve as informant.

They are instructed to gather intelligence, organise and facilitate the movement of terrorists to attacking points, give them cover to escape and preventing the natives from apprehending them.

Other plans to take over southern Kaduna lands includes; using the instrumentality of Government to abolish traditional chiefdoms of the Southern Kaduna natives, forcefully establishing Islamic emirates and grazing reserves on natives’ lands. For instance,

Governor El-Rufai requested for grazing lands from southern Kaduna chiefs/natives exclusively for the benefit of Fulani terrorists.

The then Agwa Adara, Late Maiwada Raphael Galadima was one of the chiefs that declined the request from the Governor.

(Note that Adara chiefdom has the largest and most fertile soil in Kaduna state for all kinds of agricultural practices and the Adara people are primarily farmers).

Adara chiefdom spans and covers four local government area including parts of Niger state. These local governments include; Kachia, Kajuru, Chikun and Kagarko and his royal highness palace is located in Kachia.

Agwa Adara, after meeting with the governor in Kaduna and on his way back to his palace at Kachia, his royal highness’ convoy was ambushed, his police orderly and other palace staffs were killed on the spot, the king was kidnapped by Fulani terrorists alongside his wife but she was released next day because she could not walk into the bush.

The king was killed a week later even after payment was made of the requested ransom.

Adara youths requested for military backup to search the bush and rescue the king but the security agency declined their request stating that the youth shouldn’t teach them their job.

Certain group of people were paraded by the Police at different points in time on national televisions as the killers of the late Agwam Adara but none was charged to court.

Two weeks after the murder of the paramount king, El-Rufai announced the abolishment of the Adara kingdom and proposed the establishment of Kajuru emirate.

Council members of the kingdom protested and took the matter to court. But, Governor El-Rufai instructed the police to arrest the council members and put them in jail without bail or trial for over 100 days.

This was carried out by the commissioner of police of Kaduna State. It is worthwhile to mention that these are all men are within the ages of 50 to 70 years.

The arrested council elders were treated with so much cruelty while in prison with special instruction given to keep them in the unroofed part of the prison where they would be exposed to various ailments and eventually die when released from prison.

Similar unpopular plans to establish emirates in other southern Kaduna Local Government are been unfolded in Kachia, Chikun, Zangon Kataf, Kauru and Sanga.

During the Local government elections which took place in 2018, the Governor refuse to accept and allow the outcome of the results in areas he had intension to confiscate lands.

El-Rufai in connivance with the state judiciary installed his stooges in local government such as Kajuru and Chikun.

The aim is to deny the people from having Local Government chairmen that will govern according to the wishes and aspiration of the people of the affected local government.


Approve all request of land from the state government without consulting the chiefdom

Approve creation of emirates for Fulani Muslims

Forced to change narrative of Fulani attacking and killing natives to farmers herders clash

Innocent men, women and children are being killed in different communities across southern Kaduna. The purpose is to create panic, fear and sense of conflict so as to give the world the impression that Southern Kaduna is in crisis (that the Southern Kaduna people are attacking the Fulanis) and to resolve this, their land need to be given to Fulanis in the disguise that it is in a bid to foster peace in those areas.

As the case is in most parts of Nigeria, the Fulani terrorist started attacking, kidnapping and displacing the natives from one hamlet to another with the full backing of president Buhari and Governor El-Rufai.

Each time the Fulanis attack the natives, they make phone calls demanding for their land. The faces of the terrorist have never been known and yet El-Rufai constantly act as the spokesman of the terrorist.

After the attack, killing of innocent lives and the destruction of properties of the natives of Southern Kaduna in their hometowns, the State and Federal government would always shield the terrorist by constantly changing the narrative calling the genocide a reprisal.

This can be confirmed by the press statement released by the Presidency on 21st of July 2020 and the Governor has claimed publicly to have compensated the attackers (Fulanis) so that they will stop the killings.

El-Rufai established a commission of inquiries to find out the causes of violence in 3 Local Government Areas where his unlawful and forceful acquisition of land antennas are most active, namely:

Chikun LGA (chaired by a caretaker Muslim and none indigene woman).

Kajuru LGA stolen mandate

Zangon Kataf Local Government where El-Rufai mandated a committee to produce a white paper that will help him usurp the land of the locals and hand over to the Fulani’s

The commission was given hidden term of reference of which one of it is to claim that apportioning a grazing area for the Fulani’s is the most appropriate solution to address the ongoing killings of natives in southern Kaduna.

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