Hushpuppi/Abba Kyari: FG Makes-U-Turn may dump Igboho extradition | NN NEWS

Rights activist and legal practitioner, Kabir Akingbolu has submitted that Federal Government may not request for extradition of the embattled Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho who is currently Benin Republic prison. 

Sunday Igboho was arrested at a Benin airport on Nigeria’s request and he currently trial on charge bordering on entering the country illegally and planning to cause trouble but he denied the charges. 

But since his arrest, the Nigerian authorities have been silent and have not made a formal extradition request. 

Reviewing the circumstance at which the Yoruba nation agitator fled from Nigeria and later arrested in the foreign country, Akingbolu said probability of federal government filing for Igboho extradition is zero. 

He said:” Nigerian government is not likely to file for the extradition of Igboho for reasons best known to it. It is allowed by convention under the ECOWAS, there was arrangements that member states can lawfully demand for the extradition of any person who has reasonably been suspected of committing crimes but apart from political offences. If you look at it, the offence of Igboho borders on political offences so I don’t know the magic the government can perform to succeed in convincing the Government of Benin Republic to extradite him. Although, there was an initial request by the Buratai who is a diplomat of Nigeria in Benin republic but he is not the proper or normal authority to do so because that right is not donated to an individual but the government of the country concerned. 

“On the other hand, it would appear that Nigeria government prefers Igboho to be tried in Republic of Benin rather than in Nigeria so that people would not be clamoring for his release by the federal government” . 
Speaking further, the lawyer said: “the charges brought against Igboho in Republic of Benin are very strong ones and it would appear that the governments of both countries are working together, otherwise there is no reason why the Government of Nigeria would not have requested for his extradition”. 


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