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A champion of Nigeria unity, Professor Clement Chigbo, yesterday, said though he agreed that Igbo were marginalized “that war, disintegration and violence cannot solve the problem.”

Prof Chigbo under the umbrella of Team Nigeria (TNN) made the assertion when the Anambra chapter of the group was on Saturday inaugurated in Nnewi. He said that the nation’s diversity should be exploited to be an asset to enhance the unity of Nigeria, adding that never in history had the country been bedeviled to the level it is now, The Sun Nigeria reports..

He warned the Igbo that anything capable of leading to war must be avoided as he reminded them that they might have been hated for being enterprising, innovative and hardworking. He said those calling for war should rather embrace dialogue as a better alternative towards achieving peaceful coexistence and the best approach to solve the problem of Igbo marginalization.

In his keynote address with the theme: ‘Unity in Diversity’, Prof Chigbo noted that never in the history of Nigeria has the nation been confronted with litany of challenges rocking it to the roots.

He said that Nigeria could only work when all Nigerians irrespective of their tribal and religious leanings were sincerely committed to national unity.

“Nation building requires determination from every group in the country to be ready to live together and collectively tackle the challenges.

“There is also the urgent need to arrest the erosion of institutional independence, ” Prof Chigbo said. According to him, a better and a united Nigeria would still be possible inspite of the present challenges.

He, however, advocated what he called extra ordinary national conference where Nigeria could sit and discuss issues concerning the country.

The Prof also called for practice of true federalism as one of the ways to set Nigeria on a right path even as he observed gross marginalization of Igbo in the comity of Nigerian nation but quickly added that war was not the solution.

National delegates of the group attended the inauguration ceremony that took place at Anaedo Hall, Nnewi. An 18-man executive committee headed by Dr Edwin Maduka Chukwma was constituted and sworn in at the event.

In his speech, the coordinator of the newly inaugurated Anambra State executive committee, Dr Chukwuma explained that the TNN as a non governmental organization was established in 2020 with good intentions to be transformed into a political party.

Dr Chukwma said TNN has come to stay in the State to assist sustain genuine democratic values, equity and peaceful co-existence of the Igbo in the comity of Nigerian nation. He expressed the preparedness of his committee towards achieving the goal.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Prince Afam Orizu, who stood in for His Royal Majesty, Igwe Kennth Orizu 111; the General Manager, Anambra State Procurement Agency, Chief Melie Onyejepu; MD, Chikason Group, Engr Linus Ilozue; representatives of political parties and other distinguished personalities.

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