Igbo Think Tank Inaugurates ‘Turning Igboland into the Japan of Africa’ TIJIA Project | NN NEWS

Igbo Think Tank has inaugurated  the Central Planning Committee for the Turning Igboland Into Japan of Africa ITT TIJIA Project in Enugu. The committee was also enjoined to facilitate the process before Igbo Youth take up arms against the rest of Nigeria.

In his address, the Chairman BOT of Igbo Think Tank, Prof Mark Ezeibe (Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Virology) said that the ingenuity he used in bringing out the cure for HIV, which have been proven by many both locally and internationally, would be utilized by other Igbo scientists, technologists and industrialists in turning South East into the Japan of Africa.

Prof Ezeibe added that “ the  Igbo Think Tank  have over the years been brainstorming and thinking on how to set off a developmental chain reaction in Igboland as Dr MI Okpara did in the Old Eastern Region. The region became the fastest growing economy in the developing world of the 60’s”.

He also continued that “we shall set up tactical committees on various fields of human endeavor such as Urban Development, Agriculture and Food Security, Security, Industry and Commerce, Science and Technology. The Central Planning Committee of ITT Roundtable on Economy being inaugurated today, and their various sub-committees now have the mandate to plan a holistic summit within the shortest possible time where egg heads and experts in different fields of human endeavor will come together to draw a template for achieving the purpose.”

Igbo elites to urgently develop and turn Igbo land into the Japan of Africa before Igbo Youth frustrated and angered over years of marginalization, unemployment and unequal opportunities, declares full blown war on the Nigerian State. This was contained in the address presented by the Deputy Chairman Board of Trustees of Igbo Think Tank and Convener of the ITT Roundtable on Security and Economy, Rev Obinna Akukwe at Enugu on Friday. The Cleric and veteran Igbo activist urged the elites to quickly swing into action before South East Youth angling for war against the Nigerian State, takes over the space.

He described as “unfortunate the politics of Unknown Gunmen and the deplorable abandonment of over 170 corpses of Ndigbo at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri, whose evacuation by family members was only recently authorized, murdered under the guise of seeking for IPOB, ESN and UGM. He also decried as worrisome a situation whereby key Igbo activists shared relevant intelligence among themselves on the impending attack on the Owerri Prisons yet the agencies saddled with prevention pretended to be helpless when the jailbreak occurred. The same case repeated in the attack at Zonal Police Headquarters Ukpo, Anambra State, and instead of taking preventive measures, the state agents prefer to arrest , incarcerate and murder  innocent bystanders and travelers  after the gunmen have  have disappeared.

Rev Akukwe posited that “the menace of UGM is the handiwork of politicians, and the failures of intelligence have exposed their motive. He asked the elites in ITT to fast-forward the industrialization and technological development of the South East, through the TIJIA initiative, to ensure that millions of jobs are created for the teeming frustrated youth of the South- East before the disappointed youth takes up arm against the Nigerian State”.

The Chairman Central Planning Committee of ITT Roundtable on Transforming Igboland into the Japan of Africa TIIJA in ten years time, Prince Dr Chinedu Nsofor (Ichie Nzedike Oraifite) in his address said that Ndigbo has failed to cause development to happen in Igbo land as they have done in other climes. He said further that;

“Development should start inwardly before outwardly. That is Japan for you. That is China for you. This anomaly is bringing untold tribulations, pains and sufferings among Ndigbo. Wars and agitations may not be able of resolving the errors.

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