Igbo Youths foil Police attempt to arrest Young Igbo Billionaire in Abia, says we must defend our people

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There is pandemonium in Aba Abia state, as some Igbo youths resisted an attempt by stop and search Nigerian police who want to arrest young Igbo billionaire in Aba over alleged driving an expensive white Jeep.

According to SOUTHERN DAILIES report, that the youths stop the police because they believed the arrest was illegal, adding that it was not a crime to drive an expensive car.

Meanwhile; Utiung Mathias wrote to confirm the incident;

Happening Live From Aba Main Park:

Aba boys resist Nigerian police from abducting a young Igbo billionaire with an expensive white jeep:

The courageous masses over whelmed the police and ask them why they want to arrest him, one of them said ”We are on stop and search duty”

We resisted the police because they are Hausa fulani men…They can no longer try shit in Igboland, especially Aba, We shall defend our people in public and correct them privately:

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