I’ll make Nigeria producer nation not consumer of products in 4 years – Peter Obi | NN NEWS

Former Anambra State governor and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Mr. Peter Obi has lamented the deplorable condition of the economy and high level of insecurity in Nigeria.

He therefore promised to make Nigeria great again under four years if given the opportunity to lead the country.

Obi stated this at the headquarters of PDP in Owerri and Umuahia, yesterday, when he visited Imo and  Abia States to seek the support of its delegates for his presidential primary.

Obi, who listed his plans for Nigeria, if elected as president, said he was in the race to reset Nigeria and uplift its citizens from poverty and deprivations.

He promised that in just four years (his first term in office), Nigeria would achieve an enviable height in all fields, if he wins the contest.

He said his vision is to make Nigeria a producer nation and not a consumer of products.

Obi, who frowned at the gross mismanagement of public resources by various administrations, promised to end the culture of money sharing, explaining that the wealth of the people would be deployed to work for the people. He identified hunger and unemployment as the breeding grounds for criminality, adding that Nigeria’s export would increase under his leadership.

He acknowledged that the only hurdle before him is the PDP presidential primary, after which he would defeat the candidates of other political parties.

He appealed for the support of Abia State delegates and those from other states on the day of primary.

He recalled his achievements as governor which he said made Anambra one of the fastest growing economy in Africa and promised to replicate the same performance if he gets to Aso rock.

Chairman of PDP in Abia, Asiforo Okere described Obi as a fine material in whom “Abia, Igboland and Nigeria are proud of.”

Okere informed Obi that Abia PDP delegates would take the right decision on the day of the primary polls.

(The Sun)

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