In Africa: Islamic terror groups plans to takeover Nigeria

By Smart Kofi

A conglomeation of Islamic groups, including Boko Haram , Iswap, Isis , Bandits , Alchaida , Fulani herdsmen etc, has planned to take over Nigeria.

Since December 2011 , the group began to rain terror on the NorthEast of the country with Christians as primary targets .

However there was great resistance as Former president of the country , Goodlock Jonathan, fought the terrorist to a stand still , nevertheless there were pockets of attacks here and there as the war against terrorism continued unabated .

However , since 2015 President, Mohamadu Buhari took over office , the terrorists appear to have been strengthened and have engage in massive slaughter of Christians as never before.

A situation many have described as genocide, and planned extermination of Christianity in that country.

No fewer than five thousand Christians has been reported killed between 2015 and the first half of 2020.

Nevertheless, the government seems to be complicit in the act, as they do little or nothing to stop killing sprey .

Terrorists arrested are given VIP treatment , paid and reintegrated into the Nigeria secruty forces which has now compromized the security artchitechture .

Consequently , the terrorists have gained more territory than ever before both in the government , and on ground.

The advancement to completely conquer and takeover Nigeria by the terrorists is gattering momentum as they are now penetrating the South through the Nigeria Security forces “terrorists in Uniforms” which the government tagged , “Repentant Boko Haram”

Recall, that the United States intelligence unit has before now rase alarm before now , how the terrorists were moving into the South to takeover and conquer.

Moreover, separatist group , fighting for the libration of the eastern part of the country, the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, has cried out as Nigeria security forces now invade their homes to kill and sack villages .

Just recently , security forces has invaded a prayer gathering in Enugu, eastern Nigeria killing 21 civilian Christians and countless others injured.

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