Insecurity: ISWAP begin training Zamfara bandits in Borno — Sources | NN NEWS

Security services have intercepted intelligence on the movement of armed bandits from Zamfara State to attend terrorism training programmes in Borno State.

According to a report by PRNigeria, some of the bandits have already left the North-western state to the North-eastern state for the training under the supervision of ISWAP-Boko Haram.

The report revealed that the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, is in receipt of the credible intelligence.

In a memo with a Reference No NIS/HQ/CGI/943, the report quoted the NIS as urging its comptrollers to intensify monitoring and surveillance around their areas of jurisdictions with the view to gathering information that would help safeguard lives and properties.

The memo titled “Movement of Armed Bandits from Zamfara to Borno for Intensive Boko Haram Training” was signed by one ACG UA Auna.

The memo, therefore, directed the comptrollers to ensure the prompt submission of valuable information for the attention of the Comptroller General of Immigration Service as they unfold.

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