Insecurity: Thugs raids Arewa youths security meeting in Kaduna

Persons suspected to be paid thugs, yesterday, disrupted a meeting organised by Arewa youths, under the auspices of Coalition of Northern Group (CNG) to discuss insecurity in the region.

CNG had organised the meeting with the theme, ‘Module for broad-based community action for self-defence, deeper engagement and enhanced synergy between states.”

Participants expected at the meeting included traditional rulers, religious leaders, civil society groups, youths, the business community and other stakeholders from the 19 northern states of the country.

Security experts were drawn from the 19 northern states to discuss ways to end insecurity and design a uniform approach to the current security situation in the North.

But the suspected hoodlums stormed Arewa House main auditorium at about 11am and chased away guests who were arriving for the meeting. Tables were upturned while a glass door was shattered in the process.

The incident took place hours after the CNG directed its members to organise a protest in Katsina, to demand the safe return of the kidnapped students in Katsina.

Group spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, in a statement, said: “We regret to announce that armed thugs numbering hundreds were unleashed on the Arewa House, venue of the security summit hosted by CNG, yesterday…

“Just as the meeting was kicking off, sponsored armed thugs stormed the auditorium after subduing the civil guards at the gate.

“They overturned tables, shattered glasses, attacked the guests and officials, wounding several people and smashing vehicles parked in the premises.

“It is disturbing that a battalion of armed thugs can stroll free across the streets of Central Kaduna, wielding dangerous weapons without the intervention of the security. Security only arrived hours after the thugs had left.

“It is quite obvious now that some powerful forces are benefitting from the current security situation and will do everything for it to continue. We are now more committed to ensuring the safety and security of the North and its people.”

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