IPOB abolish office of deputy leader as former deputy resign

Following rumor that the former IPOB deputy leader, Uche Mefor Okafor, has resigned from his position.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) announced that it has abolished the office of deputy leader with immediate effect, also said that the office will no longer exist in IPOB structure.

In a memo dated November 26, 2020, by the Head of Directorate of IPOB, Chika Edoziem, IPOB accused former deputy of insubordination, gross misconduct and indiscipline.

According to the memo, Mefor was instructed by Kanu to be attending unit meetings of the group in United Kingdom as well as paying monthly dues like every other member. He was accused of disobeying the instruction and instead gave the excuse that as the deputy, he is equally entitled to some privileges as Kanu.

The memo further accused Mefor of unilaterally sacking the National Coordinator of IPOB in UK, which the group said he has no right to do without informing Kanu.

Edoziem added that Mefor later sacked the UK Coordinator but Kanu rejected the sack and converted the disciplinary measure to suspension.

This was said to have triggered the present rivalry between Mefor and his boss, Kanu. “He transferred the aggression on Kanu and other members of the group by writing to the British Home Office with the objective to ruin and nullify every asylum chances of IPOB asylum seekers in UK”, the IPOB memo alleged.

The said letter written by Mefor according to Edoziem has made it impossible for IPOB members in UK to receive favorable hearing at the tribunals. Edoziem said that Mefor on several occasions had confronted Kanu, thereby exhibiting gross misconduct and indiscipline.

“Following these sins committed by Mefor, he has now been expelled as an IPOB member while his position according to Edoziem has been abolished by the leader of the group, Kanu”, the group declared.

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