IPOB to Buhari on war threat: 1967 can’t be repeated in Igboland | NN NEWS

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The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has on Thursday June 3, 2021, replied President Muhammadu Buhari over his tweets against Biafrans, which Twitter deleted, saying that the 1967 genocide against Ndigbo can never be repeated in Biafra land successfully by anybody or government including his administration.

IPOB urged President Buhari to stop threatening Ndigbo, adding that Ndigbo of today are not the one of 1967 that the Nigeria government under which he played major role killed massively.

While commending Twitter for deleting the alleged President Buhari’s tweets, IPOB told Twitter to completely delete the President from its systems.

IPOB’s statement read in part, “The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has noted the action of Twitter in deleting the inciting and acrimonious statement by President Muhamnadu Buhari, threatening another war against Biafrans.”

“We however, commend Twitter for its courage to speak truth to power. IPOB demands that Twitter should go a step further to completely delete Buhari from its system as a deterrent to other tyrants.

“We know that the global outrage sparked by the evil, unpresidential and genocidal tweets made the cabal running the zoo to beg Twitter to delete them. But we want to assure him that the world has already taken note of the genocidal threat.

“The action of Twitter also confirms that the evil tweets have been marked as hate speech. Of course, we know that Garba Shehu, and Governor El’ Rufai are the ones behind the evil tweets, but they should burry their faces in shame.

“What could be more genocidal than a hypocritical President threatening war against the peaceful Igbo race and Biafrans, while on the other hand, he is pampering terrorists wrecking havoc in parts of the country?

“However, our response to Buhari and those running the zoo in his name is that victory is not dependent on the multitude of horses; It comes from God! The 1967 genocide can never be successfully repeated in Biafra land by anybody including Buhari and his administration, that is an assurance.

“Those Fulani people behind Buhari, the enemies of Biafra cannot use force to change our resolve to restore Biafra freedom from Nigeria. They can do whatever they like but Biafra must come in their time”.

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