IPOB’s disrespectful response to E. K. Clark: My take – By Zik Gbemre | NN NEWS

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  • On IPOB’s disrespectful response to E. K. Clark – those who do not respect elders should have no place in the affairs of others
  • This is what we get when young adults who lack good up-bringing and knowledge of history of a place open their mouths to talk…
  • Chief E. K. Clark remains the foremost leader and elder of the South-South region, whom no one should disrespect…

I find it appalling when I see persons of the younger generation making remarks that are best considered disrespectful to elders, or making claims that clearly shows they have no knowledge of history and their roots.

That is how I see the recent reports stating that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) says elder statesman, South-South region and jaw leader, Chief Edwin Clark, is “a spent force” who is unqualified to speak for Niger Deltans.

The said IPOB response is coming on the basis of what Clark said during a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin, in which he said that IPOB is dreaming with its inclusion of the South-South region in their so-called Biafra Republic agitation.

It is instructive to state E. K. Clark only stated the obvious fact in the said BBC interview, when he was asked if the South-South states are also part of the Biafra that IPOB is agitating for.

He categorically replied: “How can Delta State be part of Biafra? In what way? Is Biafra older or bigger than Delta? How can Rivers State or Akwa Ibom become part of Biafra? They are dreaming for still thinking about the Eastern Region of those days.”

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the truth is that E. K. Clark remains the foremost leader of the South-South region, whether they like it or not.

E. K. Clark is the only foremost leader of the South-South region that we can pinpoint at the moment, whose knowledge of the region’s history makes him the most relevant elder in the entire South South region.

And in the South-South, and across African cultures, we respect elders. And we will continue to respect our elder and leader Chief E. K. Clark.

Hence, we would not appreciate or tolerate any person or group of persons to come out publicly to disrespect our foremost leader in the South-South of Nigeria in talking about things they clearly do not have knowledge about.

Delta State is not a part of their so-called Biafra agitation, same with other South-South States, Chief E K Clark had mentioned.

The old Bendel State that comprised of Edo and Delta, were never part of their supposed Biafra Republic. And the South-South region of Nigeria will never be part of their Biafra.

Chief E. K. Clark remains the foremost leader and elder of the South-South of Nigeria, whom no one should insult or disrespect in any way in their so-called selfish quest for secession.

The Urhobos, Isokos, Ijaws of Delta State, and including the Itsekiris, as well as the entire Delta North, have nothing to do with the so-called Biafra Republic.

Those who refuse to respect elders are placing curse on themselves without knowing it, especially within African cultures. Even the Bible states that we should obey our parents (which also refers to elders), so that our days on earth may be long.

If those who made the said response on behalf of IPOB against Chief E. K. Clark, knew this, I don’t think they would have made such remarks. But it is clearly they do not know what they are saying, as such, no sane person should take them seriously.

Zik Gbemre

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