IronsiI’s unification decree no.34 of 1966 didn’t alter Federation structure, Gowon’s decree no.14 did – By Tony Nnadi

We can keep telling ourselves lies until Fulani-dispensed death come to our very doorstep.

Ironsi’s Unification Decree No.34 of 1966 did not touch the Structure of the Federation of Nigeria as the Four Regions remained with their Governors and Assets until May 27, 1967 when by Decree No.14 of 1967 Gowon’s Federal Military Government fractured the 4 Regions into 12 States and the FG took over the Assets of the Regions.

This was almost one year after the July 29, 1966 Murder of Ironsi.

What Ironsi did with Decree No.34 was to float a temporary Military Governance Arrangement to stabilize the chaotic situation in which the Coup of January 15, 1966 had Decapitated the Federal Government and two Regional Governments of the time.

The “Unification” refers only to Governance Arrangement not Structure.

We got to Unitarism in May 1967 when the 4-Region Structure was Fractured into 12-State Structure.

It was that fracturing that continued until we got to 36 lame States groveling at the feet of an Omnipotent Federal Government that has exclusive charge over 68 Items of Power and prerogative charge over another 30 Items of Power in dubious concurrence with the States.

The challenge before us all today is to retrieve our Sovereignties hijacked by the illicit Federal Government that emerged from the bloody Brigandage of 1966-1970.

The blood flowing all over the Nigeria today as well as the doom looming over all from the Murderous Fulani Invaders led by the current Fulani Helmsman in Nigeria, is the direct result of the lies we all coronated as truth since 1966.

We must change course and make for safety. Truth is the Compass.

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