‘Its disappointing for Soludo to praise Tinubu for appointing South-Easterners into his govt—- Igboke

Dr. Ambrose Igboke, the president of the Guild of Public Affairs Analysts, Enugu State chapter, has said that Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State was ‘disappointing’ to have poured encomiums on President Bola Tinubu for allotting ‘juicy ministerial positions’ to South East in his government.

Igboke told newsmen in Enugu on Tuesday that, “The recent adulation and profuse-praise songs of Prof Charles Soludo on President Tinubu is another frantic effort by a top Igbo public office-holder to seek for validation at the expense of Ndigbo.

“Governor Soludo claims that the South-East got ‘juicy ministerial positions’ in the Tinubu government. He even went ahead to say that the Igbos never had it so good.”

Igboke said he has respect for the former Central Bank governor, ‘being an erudite scholar’; adding however that ‘his outing as a governor has been disappointing’.

According to him, “The South East still has the short end of the stick in this government.

“It is the only region with 5 appointees, and these are so because they are statutory. South West has 9, North West 10, North Central, North East and South South all have 8 slots each.

“The argument that South East did not massively vote for Tinubu is an infantile dimension of governance that was popularized by Buhari.

“Politicians should even court those that didn’t vote for them to win them over. The president is not the leader of only those who voted for him. Nigeria should grow beyond these primordial politics.”

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