Kwankwaso joins 2023 presidential race says Nigeria divided beyond Buhari’s redemption | NN NEWS

A former Governor of Kano State, Sen Rabiu Kwankwaso, has joined the 2023 presidential election on the platform of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP).

Kwankwanso, who obtained NNPP’s Expression of Interest forms yesterday, urged Nigerians especially politicians to join his party in order to salvage Nigeria from poverty, unemployment and insecurity.

‘This is a progressive party that wants to change the political landscape of this country. If you go to any ward now, the party people are talking about now is NNPP. Those who want to grow this country should join NNPP,’ he said.

‘This country has never been divided like this and we are people who want to unite this country regardless of religion and tribe because the country is for all of us.

‘Let me at this point also, invite all Nigerians to register in NNPP. Go to your wards and register. We have been printing membership cards and they are being exhausted.

‘For people who want to join politics, come and buy the forms at the headquarters of the NNPP. For the state house of assembly forms are at the state level,’ Kwankwanso added.

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