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Following the former President Olusegun Obasanjo call on all agitators to shelve the ideal of disintegration and work for the unity and oneness of the country.   

Some Nigerians has reacted to the former president call, described it as a force unity at a gun point to keep the country one, however, suggesting that referendum is the best way to decides Nigerian unity. 

According to some Nigerians on social media obtain by NN News, said that, referendum is the best option to decides Nigerian unity but agreed that Obasanjo is entitle to his own opinion and the masses should be allow to air their own opinions through referendum.

Read reactions below; 

Good Friday wrote;

In a normal society. Referendum is the way forward, at least to safe life and live as neighbors peacefully 

Gabriel Onwusoro wrote;

Whoever wants to go his own way, if greed, hatred, discrimination, usurpation of the Common wealth and Tribal blackmails, etc, has not been the endless norms? Let’s treat the cause and the symptoms will gradually disappear. 

Ukah Thaddeus wrote;

What is the benefit of being one for the masses of people or for greedy leaders to maintained their wicked positions the rich being richer , evils of looting to continues . God is seeing you people and His judgment is upon all evil men.

Iyke Trusted wrote;

Different tribes Different culture Different character Different religion remain as one nation. Mr man does it work , does it exist? 

Benedict Emmanuel wrote;

#Referendum is the best option. Obasanjo is title to his own opinion which is not the opinion of the majority of us

Kenneth Christopher wrote;

Leave abeg. Nigerian is not one and it can never be one it is only the elites that are busy shouting for unity where’s no unity 

De Orchman Man wrote; 

Obasanjo is outdated and is not in touch with the modern realities on ground. Referendum for Biafra and Oduduwa nation 

Ikechi Amadi wrote; 

Conduct a referendum to save lives, we are not one at all, let everybody decide for himself what he or she wants, simple. 

Pst Emmanuel Anorue wrote; 

Referendum will do giving me opportunity to transform my local friends to become other countries citizen, so we can have balatral international discuss 

Chukwuemeka Joe Nwaenyi wrote; 

The rich is only afraid of been poor, and those that have spoiled the country are afraid because they know we will come after them if everything normalized. Imagine a county with equal right, ah e go too sweet oh 

Dikeh Okoro wrote; 

If obasanjo still have his brain intact, he will not talk about unit that him obasanjo has not play any single roll. 

Referendum is only way out let the people decide what they want through individual vote simple 😁 

Longinus de Law wrote; 

Obasanjo should tell us how long will it take to build unity upon injustice tribalism and nepotism exhibit by the north since Independence and how we can build unity under impunity, corruption and tyranny at all levels of government in Nigeria. Obasanjo stop your deceitful acts now. Divide Nigeria now and save lives if not all of you will be consumed by the mess you brought us into. Self determination is never a crime.

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