By concerned Nigeria

Dear Buhari,

Nigerians were glad to receive your honest submission yesterday when you admitted that you’ve done your best in tackling insecurity in the country. Though that’s not the only area you’ve done your best. I want to use this medium to remind you that you’ve also done your best in Economy, by taking Naira from N189/$1 to N472/$1 against your promise of making Naira equal to Dollar… You’ve done your best by taking inflation rate from 8% to 16%; you’ve successfully doubled the prices of goods and services in the country… You’ve done your best by taking unemployment rate from 11% to an all-time high of 38% forgetting your promise of creating 5million jobs every year… You’ve done your best through institutionalization of corruption, by shielding your associates that were fingered in corrupt practices and making sure they’re never arraigned; and looting has become the order of the day… You did your best by borrowing away the future of our unborn generation through the reckless loans your regime took and still taking… You’ve done your best by making Nigeria the poverty capital of the world…

Mr president you’ve really done your best, but it’s a pity that your best is an F9… You’ve become like that young man that went to university through community effort, his people were expecting him to bag first class, only for the young man to be advised by the university to withdraw due to poor academic performance.

There were high expectations from most Nigerians when you took the mantle of leadership 5yrs ago, and today those expectations have been turned to nightmares by your actions and inactions.

We are glad that for the first time in 5yrs, your regime is being honest to Nigerians that you can’t do more than you’ve done already. Though we expected this ‘admission of failure speech’ to have come after your resignation and not before, but nevertheless Nigerians will still applaud your resignation, even if you tender it without a speech because we have known you as a president that doesn’t talk to his people, and your spokesperson too has made us to understand that that’s your style of ‘rulership’.

Your predecessor former president Goodluck Jonathan is remembered today as an African president that conceded defeat even before the result of his election was announced…

I humbly advice you to resign today and atleast be remembered as an African president that left office before the expiration of his tenure… Nigerian soil has taken too much blood, the air has become saturated with grief, her eyes is full of tears.

Dear president, if you truly love Nigeria as you’ve always claimed, please #resign and save Nigerians three more years of unwarranted deaths, pains and sorrows.

                                 Yours truly,

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