London: Peter Obi while waiting for cab, a Nigerian taxi driver pick him up for free | NN NEWS

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By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

Antony Erhunmwunse, a Nigerian taxi driver who is based in London, in the afternoon of today, surprised frontline presidential aspirant, Peter Obi when he volunteered to take him to his destination.

Obi is currently in London to consult party members and other political stakeholders over his presidential bid.

According to a twit shared on the official Twitter handle of Peter Obi Support Network, while the former governor of Anambra State was waiting for a cab, Erhunmwunse showed up and drove him to 10 Downing street without requesting for payment.

“A Nigerian taxi driver, Antony Erhunmwunse picks up His Excellency @PeterObi while he was waiting for Taxi in London today. He drove him free of charge to No. 10 Downing.
Nigeria must not miss this opportunity. A new Nigeria is possible with @PeterObi.”

Meanwhile, as the presidential primary of the Peoples Democratic Party is drawing close, the call for the party to crown Peter Obi as their presidential flagbearer, is getting louder across the 36 States of the federation

Obi has been dubbed as the right man who has the political and economic mojo to change the unfortunate narrative about governance in Nigeria.

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