Mamu who negotiate with terrorists for Abuja-Kaduna train attack arrested in Egypt | NN NEWS

Tukur Mamu, the negotiator for the release of the abducted Abuja-Kaduna-passengers, has been arrested in Egypt, according to News Express reports.

Mamu, the publisher of Desert Herald Newspaper in Kaduna,was arrested at the Cairo Airport on his way to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Mamu, while confirming his arrest to journalists on phone Wednesday, said: “I am on my way to Madina Saudi Arabia when they stopped me at Cairo Airport under the Nigerian Government order.

“Nothing was found in my possession. So I am sure the DSS officials are waiting for me at the Kano Airport, I don’t have anything to hide and like I said I am not afraid of them (DSS).

“I swear to God I am not afraid of them. I just want the world to know of what is happening, ” he said.

No official statement on Mamu’s arrest from the Nigerian government yet.

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