Metropolitan Archbishop condemns persecutions of church in Nigeria, others | NN NEWS

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The metropolitan Archbishop, Anglican Episcopal Communion, Baiju Ansalam has condemned the persecution of Churches in Nigeria, Indonesia and India. 

In a statement made available to NN NEWS, Archbishop Baiju Ansalam in his Easter message, preached the Gospel in Tamil language, however, appointed that JESUS CHRISTS RESURRECTION TEACH US THAT WE HAVE an ETERNAL LIFE. THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WE GETTING EVERLASTING LIFE.  

Then expressed in English language about the prosecutions. The churches were in Nigeria, Indonesia, India going on prosecutions.  

So, Archbishop Baiju Ansalam the metropolitan Archbishop condemned such prosecutions.  

Also, Revd.G.Abraham prayed for the people of the world. Archbishol Baiju Ansalam given the easter gift to the church believers. 

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