Mobilization of funds for Peter Obi’s presidency by 6 million Nigerians hit N1m in 24hrs | NN NEWS

Mobilization of funds for the actualization of Peter Obi’s 2023 Presidency bid by 6 Million Supporters has hit the first N1 million after the inauguration of the Support Network group on Monday.

The group in a statement issued today after the contribution hit the 1 million naira threshold in one day thanked Nigerians for expressing their desire for the actualization of Peter Obi’s Presidency.

The account is domiciled in Keystone Bank with the Account Name: PETER OBI SUPPORT NETWORK with Account Number: 1012528032

The group known as Peter Obi Support Network (POSN) vowed to take the campaign to every doorstep in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and urged the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) not to fail to zone the Presidency to the South east part of the country.

The statement reads, “We wish to bring to the attention of all lovers of Peter Obi who firmly believe in his Presidency that the contribution of N1000 each by 6 million Nigerians toward the actualization of the vision this morning hit One Million Naira ( N1,000,000) today.

“The response of Nigerians since the group was inaugurated by Mr Peter Obi in Abuja has been very impressive and this has shown that Nigerians believe in the project to take away the country from the grip of Political merchants who have plunged the country into darkness.

“We hereby call on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) not to make the mistake of throwing the Presidency open to every Dick and Harry, but zone the slot to the South east part of the country to promote fairness, Justice, and Equity.”

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