Morocco builds history, let’s dream – By Nkiruka Nistoran

While Morocco builds African history in the first Arabic world cup, Doha Qatar, what Africa is doing?.

There is a historical tale that will be spread on Arabic sands before the world cup moves West. There is history that will last forever. There is one story everybody should know.  It’s about an African country that move up in semifinals, the Atlas Lions. The first African country reaching FIFA world cup semifinals. Let’s all of us repeat this: the first team from African continent reaching FIFA world cup semifinals.

Let’s all of us repeat again: there is one African country in the FIFA Football world cup semifinal. Let’s repeat all of us again: Morocco will play for the football world title in world cup semifinals. And now, just now, come down to the facts: Morocco is the best team in the world cup. Best defense, best team dream together. Not based on statistics, but based on facts and results.

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