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The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter, has opined that the decision of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress and that of Kaduna State to fly a same-faith party ticket is an irresponsible decision and a disregard for the nation’s diversities.

It said it was the responsibility of all political parties in the country to strengthen national integration and not otherwise.

A statement signed by Apostle Emmanuel Egoh Bako, PFN Kaduna State Chapter President, said, “I have noticed with great dismay the consistent disregard for our heterogeneous nature in Nigeria by our political players. This is done in the face of the increasing weakness of the bond of unity.

“It is not only against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria but against the plan of God.”

He observed with concern that the new trend of fielding party flag bearers with individuals from one faith is not consistent with the federal system but had the potency to polarise the nation at this crucial moment when all true citizens were in search of unity.

“The new trend of fielding party flag bearers with individuals from one faith is not consistent with our federal system. It has the potency to polarise our beloved nation at this crucial moment that all true citizens are searching for unity,” the statement observed.

Bako noted that, with the ongoing political situation in the country, it was an irresponsible decision and a disregard for the country’s diversities and stated that it was not acceptable.

He explained, “It is obvious that the decision is taken to cover up for the failure of government and to also spite other religions. Both Muslims and Christians are suffocating under the highest level of insecurity. This has further reduced our life expectancy in Nigeria.

“Apart from this, the religious fault lines in the past seven years have been widened. The responsibility of all political parties at this moment should be on strengthening national integration and not otherwise.”

Bako, however, called on all peace-loving citizens to reject this evil pattern that is gradually getting entrenched, appealing that Nigerians should unite and build a society on the basis of respect for everyone’s humanity.

The chairman believed that both Muslims and Christians were affected by the economic hardships brought by poor leadership and no one should be deceived by this and, therefore, declared the Muslim-Muslim ticket barbaric and unacceptable, saying that right-thinking Nigerians shall not let it stand because it showcased the great nation in a bad light.

“I see 2023 as an opportunity to open up our nation to real political civilisation,” he stressed.


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