My 2021 New Year message to Biafra

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By Nkiruka Nistoran

Dear great people of Biafra from old Eastern Nigeria, I bring to you a message of truth as we end 2020, to enter into 2021. 

I joined the emancipation of Biafra in 2016, after I had a dream in 2015 to go and join the liberation of my people from Nigeria. It is almost nearly two years I kept silent.  

I believe in unity, therefore I rejected a discussion during the trip in USA in 2018, aiming to divide IPOB media, because as a professional in this line, I knew it will hurt IPOB union. What is happening today could have been avoided if I was listened at that time. 

I don’t want to mention names, but those behind this plan, are people IPOB sent from Europe to represent Biafra women for the International Conference in commemoration of 50th Anniversary of the Nigeria-Biafra war.  

What is important now is 2021 and I strongly believe, by the grace of Chukwu Okike abiama (God), Biafra will be liberated soon. 

I am urging all pro-Biafra leaders to unite, to strategize in achieving our dreams as soon as possible. Because unity is key for any successful enterprise, especially when future of an entire nation is at stake. We must stop using our radios or any other media platform to attack each other. It is not going to help in any way, rather will make our enemies strong.  

Why don’t we focus on using media power to build and to promote the unity of Biafra, with all the many voices asking for the same objectives: referendum, Biafra freedom, democratic elections? 

If we really want to start healing the past wounds, we must stop attacking each other, forget our differences in order to move forward, because if the media war continues against ourselves, that’s means Nigeria government is wining us. 

I plead to all Biafran to shade our swords in the interest of the Biafra future and for all the people, both the living and the death. 


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