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Ten Nigerian athletes who were reportedly disqualified from participating in the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics after a statement from the Athletics Integrity Unit, have taken to the streets of Tokoyo to protest over their disqualification

The Athletics Integrity Unit is an independent body created by World Athletics that manages all integrity issues – both doping and non-doping.

The statement showed that a total of 20 athletes were ineligible with Nigeria being the most affected.

Other countries affected were Belarus, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, and Ukraine.

The athletes were disqualified for not meeting the minimum testing requirements under Rule 15 governing National Anti-Doping Federation.

Some of the athletes who felt so bitter based on the manner they were disqualified from the tournament have taken to streets of Tokyo to register their anger.

The protesting athletes displayed placards with the inscription “Why should we suffer for someone else’s negligence”, “All we wanted to do was compete” and “We are not just alternates but potential medalists.”

However, the Nigeria Football Federation is yet to respond to the ugly incident as at the time of filing this report.

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