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A new security outfit, Ndigbo Lion Watchman Network (NLWN) has been formed as part of measures to check the increasing wave of violence and insecurity in the South East. Daily Trust reports. 

This is in addition to the already existing security outfits such as Eastern Security Network, ESN, EBUBEAGU and other vigilante groups in the region. 

Leader and field commander of the Ndigbo Lion Watchman Network (NLWN) Ndubuisi Igwekani (aka) Agu Biafra (The Lion of Biafra), who announced the outfit, said the new group has already been registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC. 

Igwekani told newsmen shortly after the group’s meeting in Enugu at the weekend that over 2000 members have been trained while more youths are being mobilized to strengthen the outfit. 

Igwekani is the president and spiritual director of Biafra Reformation Movement (BRM) and former director of youth and sports and mobilization for MASSOB, worldwide. 

He disclosed that the security outfit was formed by late Col Joe Achuzie alongside other stakeholders to provide internal security for the Igbo people anywhere they reside. 

That body which he said was registered with the CAC was ready to take off before the death of Col Achuzie. 

“Its take-off was further delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic but because of the current security challenges we have decided it’s time to reactivate it. 

“Due to the security threats in the region youths are presently being mobilized across the length and breadth of the old Eastern Region to reactivate the outfit. 

“And very soon they would be despatched to all villages in Igbo land to provide security for the people.” 

He said about 2000 youths had earlier been trained while Achuzie was still alive. 

Ndigbo Lion Watchman Network, Agu Biafra explained, will work independently of the police and other security agencies. 

It will also work outside other existing security outfits like ESN, and Ebubeagu while complementing each other where necessary, all in the interest of the people. 

“This is a pure Igbo Security network; it has nothing to do with security agents. We are not coming to fight the government; we are not coming to attack anybody; our mission is to protect the lives and property of the people.” 

Agu Biafra noted that the two unknown gunmen arrested in Imo who are neither ESN nor IPOB shows that enemies have infiltrated Igbo land, saying “this is why Ndigbo Lion Watchman Network is being introduced.” 

He said: “So, we are not against ESN, we even praise them for coming out to do what they are supposed to do. Everybody should get involved to protect our territory; What we are against is for us to kill ourselves or destroy ourselves.”

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