Nigeria @60: CUPP predicts Nigeria will collapse soon, says its surviving on life support

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The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), has predicted Nigeria’s immanent collapse, described it as a country that is surviving on life support, made worst under administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

CUPP said this as Nigeria prepares to celebrate 60th year independence anniversary,

The political body who also said, if urgent steps are not taken to rescue Nigeria from the hands of some “cabals” that have held the country hostage in the past 60 years of independence, Nigeria may collapse soon.

CUPP in an independence message released in Abuja, on Wednesday, expressed fear that the dream of Nigeria’s founding fathers of a great, united, prosperous and equitable democratic nation is fast becoming a mirage.

The statement which was signed by Olusegun Peters, the Chairman, Contact and Mobilization Committee and Member Steering Committee, CUPP, challenged all patriotic Nigerians to “fight” for the soul of Nigeria.

He said: “Nigeria has been on life support gasping for breathe, ravaged and devastated by inept leadership, corruption, tribalism, militancy, insurgency, kidnapping and armed robbery.

“The state of the nation is extremely bad and need collective prayers and efforts of patriotic Nigerians to rescue it from the cabal that has held the populace hostage in the past 60 years of independence, particularly the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government.

“As the torch bearer of Nigeria’s democracy, CUPP is strongly determined to liberate the masses from APC task masters that have impoverished them and redirect the ship of the Nigeria State to the path of rectitude, development, progress and advancement.

“For 60 years Nigerians have been groping in the dark with failed expectations and dashed hopes of a united, prosperous and just society.”

He, thus accused President Buhari’s administration of being grossly insensitive to the feelings and sufferings of the masses, but takes delight in oppressing, suppressing and subjugating the people with ill-conceived policies and actions that have further impoverished them.

He congratulated Nigerians on the 60th independence of Nigeria and described the anniversary as opportunity for Nigerians to reform, transform and build the desired Nigeria which future generation will be proud of.

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