Nigeria mismanaging its diversity – Adesina | NN NEWS

President, African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, has said it was time Nigerian youths took over the management of the country’s affairs. 

He said the country must prioritise investments in the youths by creating changes in economic, financial, and business opportunities for young Nigerians to excel, even as the old must give way to the new. 

Adesina said this in a lecture titled ‘Building a New Nigeria: Imperatives for Shared Prosperity, delivered at the graduation ceremony of the American University of Nigeria at the weekend. 

He said Nigeria’s problems were rooted in the mismanagement of the country’s diversity urging every citizen to contribute his quota to the “drive for national cohesion, not ethnic nationalities.” 

He also charged all Nigerians to resolve the root causes of the separatist agitations without prejudice and preconditions, and come to a round table, with the goal of building one cohesive, united, fair, just, and equitable nation for all. 

Said Adesina: “The future of Nigeria depends on what it does today with its dynamic youth population.”

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