Nigerian police “SARS” executes 82 persons in three years – Amnesty

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The Amnesty International has accused the Nigerian police for failing to prosecute its members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad for allegedly tortured of 82 people that led to execution, ill-treatment and punishment in three years to extract information from suspects.

However, Amnesty also said, despite that, SARS had continued to use torture and other ill-treatment to execute, punish, and extract information from suspects.

In a protest press released by Amnesty International on Thursday June 25, 2020, title, ‘Time to End Impunity,’ said it documented at least 82 cases of torture, ill-treatment, and extra-judicial executions by SARS between January 2017 and May 2020.

The group said, the victims are predominantly males between the ages of 18 and 35, from low-income backgrounds and vulnerable groups.

In a statement, by Director of Amnesty International Nigeria, Osai Ojigho, lamented that “The complete failure of Nigerian authorities to bring an end to the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad or to bring any SARS officer to justice is shocking and unacceptable.”

She noted, “Nigerians are outraged by the systemic human rights violations perpetrated by the SARS with impunity. The systemic use of torture and other ill-treatment by SARS officers for police investigations and the continued existence of torture chambers within the Nigerian Police Force points to an absolute disregard for international human rights laws and standards.”

The right group said its investigation revealed a disturbing pattern of abuse of detainees in SARS custody despite the 2017 Anti-Torture Act.

In many cases, the group said it bore witness to the scars, bruises, and dried blood on victims’ bodies, noting that many of them were subjected to beatings with sticks and machetes and denied medical care.


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