Nigerians reacts as Morris reveal how Biafra engineers-built weapons, refineries during civil war | NN NEWS

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Morris Monye, a social prophet and convener of the movement Nigeria has taken on his twitter handle to share some history about Biafra and how Biafra engineers-built weapons “Ogbunigwe” and refineries their oil during Nigeria Biafra war. 

However, some Nigerians has reacted on twitter, saying Nigeria was specially designed not to work that tribalism and greed is sending the country backwards. 

Morris wrote via twitter:

During the civil war, gallant Biafran (I am careful not to say Igbo because Biafra consisted of S.S people) troops and engineers had all sorts of weapons built by themselves namely the “Ogbunigwe”. These people also built makeshift refineries to refine their own petrol 

These refineries served Biafrans, oiled the war and even got them some revenue. Fast forward 50+ yrs after with technology and money, Nigeria cannot refine her own crude oil. We can’t refine as a country. You can’t tell me that the problem of this country is not man-made. 

Read Nigerians reactions below:

@veekey_chris wrote; When I read Chinua Achebe’s There was a country, I was amazed at what they did, I wanted the country to thrive so much. Biafra would have been the hope of Africa. 

@charleszingsTribalism and greed is sending Nigeria backwards

@Dave_shegs wrote; In Biafra Africa died. A country in distress could do much, imagine if it grew to become 20 years.

@ijebu_garri wrote; Every large scale problem in Nigeria is by design and not error. Benefits a certain class of people. Useless refineries, poor electricity, etc

@Henrysmilesedeh wrote; Within 3years ,there were virtually everything from technology to standard commercial activities. Imagine if they didn’t kill her and she got to 10 years?? SCARY OOO!!! INDEED, BIAFRA WAS THE JAPAN AFRICA NEVER HAD

@Augusti00477939 wrote; While reading this, My uncle who was also a biafran soldier passed, went to him to show him and explain in Igbo, omo man just smile, the bullet marks on his laps are still there. he constantly told us about the war/Ogbunigwe when I was younger

@RealistHenry wrote; The level of organization was meticulous and the innovations were mind blowing for a young nation at the time. Nigeria can actually be better “Ala adighi mma bu uru ndi nze”

@9thBrother wrote; Nigeria was specially designed not to work…

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