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Buhari action against other tribes, Religious belief has proven the president of Fulani tribe, and reason he made sure his tribe; religion dominated his government to protect their interest. 

So, the humiliation, persecution and marginalization of Christians in Nigeria over the last 5 years is self-evident that the ethnic, religious cleansing and wholesale slaughter of northern Christians is undeniable. Those that deny it are the sponsors of the genocidal maniacs and mass murderers. 

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo had severally claimed that Fulani ethnic group owns all the land in Nigeria. “That All the lands in this country belong to the Fulani, If the place is good for grazing, we don’t need anybody’s permission to go there. He also said that the Fulani’s will implement their own vigilante, whose operation will be all over the country, not only one state; we will operate everywhere you find Fulani people in this country. 

The Muslim group who issued death threat and quit notice to Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev Hassan Kukah to leave Sokoto Caliphate and threatened to crucify the Bishop and that nothing will happen. Malami even go ahead boasted that neither the Federal government nor Sultan can stop them when they embark on the crucifixion of the Catholic Bishop. 

A coalition of Arewa youth leaders gave an ultimatum to all Igbos resident in the 19 northern states to relocate their region within three months said failure to relocate will see it “mobilize” northerners “against” Igbo’s resident in the north. They even release a song calling for genocide of the Igbos to be massacred in the north, neither Buhari or his spokesperson have condemned their action. 

But Inspector general of police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu who is also a Fulani have ordered the arrest of the firebrand youth leader, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, for issuing quit notice to Fulani herdsmen, he accused the Fulani community in the area of masterminding abductions, killings, and other criminal activities in Igangan, Ibarapa North Local Government Area. 

That the fear of many Yoruba people is to ensure other tribe didn’t take over their land from them.  “Fulani’s cannot take over our land from us. We own our land and we won’t allow anybody to take it from us. Some people are intimidating us but we won’t succumb to their threat. For the Fulani living here, we are not fighting them, if they can live with us peacefully. Our fear is for them taking over our land, kidnapping and killing our people. 

My question to IGP Adamu is; 

Where were you when Bishop Kukah and the Igbos were issued quit notice to leave northern Nigeria?  

Why have you not ordered the arrest of Miyetti Allah leader over claim that all land in Nigeria belong to Fulani? 

Why have you not arrested or persecuted any Herdsmen killing, destroying and raping women in their farms since you become IG? 

The truth is that nobody is a Nigeria, until all ethnic groups come to agree in a round table, renegotiate the union, either by restructuring or referendum.

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