Nkiruka Nistoran: Killing of Azunna Maduabuchi may have huge consequences| NN NEWS

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Court-martial sitting in Maiduguri, Borno State capital sentenced a soldier to death by firing squad for mistakenly killing a senior officer for refusing to grant him a welfare pass to visit his family after spending years in the north east fighting Boko Haram. 

But Boko Haram terrorists who have killed thousands of soldiers, innocent Nigerians, displaced nearly 2.4 million people in the Lake Chad Basin and still unleashing mayhem are been released, given amnesty to stop killing. 

I am wondering why the injustice, that a particular ethnic group has become untouchable?  

The ethnic tribalism has taken another dimension, if Boko Haram don’t kill, they will do. 

I am calling on the well-meaning Nigerians, especially Ndigbo to stand against the judgement passed on Azunna Maduabuchi to die by firing squad. Buhari government and Army led by Tukur Yusuf Buratai must be warn that killing of Maduabuchi may have huge consequences. 

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