Nkiruka Nistoran: Ndigbo don’t live in the bushes, we need security outfit that is fully registered into law without hiding | NN NEWS

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Establishing South East security outfit is a welcome development, but it should be done in a right way, only people from the region must be allowed to participate, we don’t need an outsider. 

My point remains; we need security outfit that is fully registered into the law, an office where our people can report any security threats in their communities should be provided to them, they will be well equipped e.g., vehicles, others materials to protect our land. 

Ndigbo don’t live in the bushes and nobody should again die out of carelessness. 

Although the security outfit will be patrolling in the forest to protect Igbo land against the invaders without hiding. 

So, I am urging all genuine Igbo groups and pro Biafra agitators to support this move from South East governors. 

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