Nkiruka Nistoran to pro Biafra groups, summit your case to Governor Umahi as demanded | NN NEWS

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The founder of NN News and NN News Team Ms. Nkiruka Nistoran has hailed Ebonyi state governor, Dave Umahi.

However, I strongly believe in a democratic process “Referendum” if conducted, will decides the people’s choice

She wrote: 

I salute the chairman of South East Governor forum, Engr. Dave Umahi, for the statement he credited during the conclusion of an eight-day prayer organized by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ebonyi, concerning the marginalization of Ndigbo in Nigeria, however, urged pro-Biafra agitators to summit their grievances and give a six months chance for him to led Igbo leaders to Nigeria government to present their case.  

I therefore, appealing to all pro-Biafra groups, MASSOB, BIM-MASSOB, IPOB, BN, BDFCG, BNL and others to give peace a chance and summit their grievances to the governor for the interest of our people and unity of Biafra, Ndigbo and eastern region.  

He has promised, that after six months, if their grievances are not addressed, the Igbo “can then do what they like”, and he also do not believe in second-class citizenship where a section of the country is being seen to be superior to others. We are all created by God and no one should talk of disintegrating the country,”. This is commendable.  

His believes in a united Nigeria, where oneness, freedom, equity, and justice exist, is his opinion and must be respected.  

I strongly believe in a democratic process “Referendum” if conducted, will decides the people’s choice, she concluded.

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