No need for military operation in South East, army needed in the North more than the region – IPOB | NN NEWS

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said that the current military operation in the South East is unnecessary, saying operations should focus on the North where it claimed Boko Haram has conquered communities. 

IPOB spokesman Emma Powerful, in a statement, alleged that the action by the federal government is a plot to cause harm to the people. 

‘There are so many security challenges in the North where the rampaging Boko Haram terrorists and bandits have siezed the control of many communities and Local Government Areas, yet there is no shoot-on-sight order by Buhari-led federal government,’ the statement read. 

‘South East and South-South are not in war with anybody but Fulani terrorists supported by Nigeria government brought war in our land, killing innocent people while pointing accusing fingers at IPOB members and ESN operatives. 

‘The action of the federal government is nothing but a declaration of war against Biafrans. The Buhari-led administation and his Service Chief have no moral justification to take a military action against South East without a South Eastern in attendance at the meeting where such decision was purportedly taken.’ 

The IPOB Publicity Secretary warned: ‘Every indigenous community in Biafraland must be careful and prepared because they have brought the war in our door step. They have already started burning people’s houses and killing them. 

‘We are also want to put the world on notice that Buhari and his Service Chiefs should be held accountable for any genocide or war in Eastern Nigeria. They brought the war to our door steps and we have no option but to defend our ancestral land. And that we must do irrespective of the cost.’ 

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