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Benue State Government has vowed to ensure that no matter the intimidation by the federal government, no portion of Benue land would be used as grazing route or grazing reserve. 

Senior Special Assistant to Governor Samuel Ortom on Animal Husbandry, Alhaji Shehu Tambaya who stated this on Sunday insisted that the Benue Open Grazing Law will continue to be implemented and must be respected by everybody. 

In a telephone chat with our Correspondent, Tambaya described as unacceptable, the recent endorsement by President Muhammadu Buhari of a committee’s recommendation that 368 cattle sites be reviewed with dispatch in 25 states of the federation. 

The Governor’s aide who maintained that Benue State had banned open grazing since 2017, warned that anybody who is thinking that cattle routes would be opened in Benue would be making the mistake of his life. 

He posited that the people of Benue who have been victims of herdsmen attacks for many years now are ever ready to defend their land against any encroachment under any guise. 

The Governor’s aide who further explained that if the President truly wants to stop the farmer/ herders clashes, it would stop, regretted that the body language of the President has not shown that he is ready to put a stop to the issue yet. 

Tambaya who noted that the ban on open grazing was not targeted at anybody or any tribe maintained that it is rather for the benefit of both farmers and herders adding that the earlier the presidency began to see it from that perspective, the better for all. 

He also urged the people of the state to remain resolute in their decision to continue to support Governor Ortom in the struggle to ensure the full implementation of the grazing law which he noted has now been accepted by the majority of Nigerians. 

“I’m happy that many governors have now seen what my Principal has been saying all these years and have started banning open grazing in their respective states. I am hoping that the federal government will toe same line too because the earlier it does that, the better for us all,” Tambaya noted. (The Sun) 

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