No time, our boat “Nigeria sinking” – Kaigama warns

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Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, has advised Nigerians to hold onto God amid rising insecurity, poor economic indices and other hopeless situations in Nigeria. 

Kaigama also expressed the concern that survival in Nigeria is now based on connections, recommendations, ethnic, political, religious and other advantageous affiliations. 

Speaking at St. Kizito’s Catholic Church, Kuje, Abuja, the cleric, challenged government and other stakeholders to take realistic steps to correct the survival anomalies by giving all citizens, irrespective of religion, ethnic, political affiliations, equal chance and opportunity to thrive and realise their dreams. 

“For us in Nigeria and Africa at large, the spiritual, social, political and economic storm that we face are many. Our boats, may obviously be sinking, but we must hold onto God even when He appears to be ‘sleeping’ or quiet about our petition or situation.  

“Sometimes we ask why those we think we are more intelligent or more efficient than at work, seem to do better or get promoted and we are not. Just continue to remain righteous, strong in faith and good in conduct. Leave the rest to God. Do not feel that God is absent from your situation or is deaf to your prayers. When you feel enslaved by fear, especially of evil spirits, witches and wizards, know that you are ‘Christopher’ a bearer of Christ.” 

The cleric listed the things that have constituted fear to contemporary Nigerians to include kidnapping, attacks by bandits, ladies and young men not getting married and joblessness.  

“Thousands may go through the rigours of interviews, while others on account of their tribe, religion or political association, get selected even without an interview.  A young Nigerian girl was very happy because she sat and passed various examinations to start work in Britain. She did not have to rely on anyone of influence, but her intelligence. I hope we shall get to a day when jobs, promotions, admissions or recruitments will be available purely on merit and not because a senator, minister or governor is one’s godfather or godmother.””

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