Northern group blasts Buhari on civil war remarks, advises him to allow Igbo have Biafra | NN NEWS

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The Pan-Arewa Socio-political Organisation, Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has carpeted President Muhammdu Buhari over his comments to deal with those fomenting trouble and destroying public infrastructure in the language they understand, making reference to the civil war. 

CNG, in a statement by its Spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Sulaiman, yesterday, contended that Buhari’s remark was not only empty but unpresidential, adding that the tweet merely amounted to admission of failure and loss of capacity. 

“We find it ridiculous that most parts of the President’s tweet concentrated more attention to infrastructure than on the lives of citizens that are wasted daily with virtually no response from the authorities. 

“The President’s revelation that most of those involved in the current agitation for secession are those who have not witnessed the 1967 civil war is a vindication of our position that the only reasonable option to ensure a more secure future is for the Igbo to be allowed to have their wish for a Biafran nation. 

“The fact that the strength of the Igbo agitation rests on youth who are mainly below the ages of 50, with diseased mindsets induced by their forefathers and encouraged by their political, cultural and religious leaders to take up arms against the Nigerian state and Northerners, has rendered the nation’s unity negotiable. 

“It is therefore unreasonable for those older Nigerians who are mostly above 70 to insist that the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct whereas the people executing the dangerous Southeast secession agenda are almost entirely below 50,” he said. 

Sulaiman, however, advised him to grant the request of those in the South East to have Biafra and break away, in order for the country to be peaceful. 

He said: “It is time for the Nigerian state and all stakeholders to wake to the reality that the only remaining option to avoid a civil war is for the Igbo to be allowed to have the Biafra they have used intermittently for decades to destabilize the nation and deny peace to other components of the country.” 

He urged the people of the North in different parts of the country to remain calm and resolute as their would be guaranteed. 

“We hereby make allowance of the next 30 days to see how Buhari would make true his threat to deal with insurgency, banditry and above all, the greater threat posed by IPOB or how he will handle the entire Igbo leadership that openly back and embolden them,” he added.

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