Obi-Datti presidential campaign train lands in the ancient city of Oluyole Ibadan, Oyo State | NN NEWS

Announcement! Announcement!! Announcement!!!

I am directed by the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council to announce to the general public that, the Obi-Datti Presidential campaign train will land in the Ancient City of Oluyole Ibadan, Oyo State .Details as follows :

Date : Wenesday 23rd November, 2022.

Venue: Adamasingba Stadium (Lekan Salami Stadium)Lawn Tennis Court .

Time: 9am .

This Announcement serves as an invitation to all . Join us as we ObiDiently and Yusfuly unite Nigeria for a greater tomorrow.

A New Nigeria is Possible!

Thank you ,
Dr Yunusa Tanko,
Chief Spokesperson ,

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